The Sisterhood Project

During a visit to Langata Women’s Prison in 2011, an exciting collaboration was born. The Harambee Arts support group was told that they have sisters in Nepal, survivors of human trafficking, also affiliated with Harambee Arts. Although they had never met, both groups share the same experiences of loneliness, fear, stigma, illness, shame and anxiety.  Since that first afternoon in Nairobi when the idea was introduced, the women have been sending heartfelt messages, paintings, home made jewelry and other gifts back and forth. The results have been profoundly meaningful and transformative for all involved.

Love from Kenya
To Nepal

One of the core values of Harambee Arts is that everyone, regardless of economic position, education or health status needs opportunities to give back to the community. The Sisterhood project gives women who have suffered unbearable indignities a clear and simple opportunity to reach out with love and appreciation, resulting in raised self esteem and a sense of belonging.

One of the prisoners, after reading a message from a Nepali sister shared, “I have been in this prison for seven years and today is the first day that I can feel my heart.”

From Nepal to Kenya
From Nepal to Kenya

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