The Coloring Book

For over a year, the pandemic has disrupted the lives of people all around the world, limiting our ability to connect with one another and leaving many individuals feeling isolated and uncertain about the future. 
This workbook was developed by children in the Kibera slum, together with Harambee Arts, in response to the increased need for a viable social-emotional outlet for children as they navigate through and cope with the adversity of the pandemic. It is comprised of a series of carefully selected directives designed to help them safely express their thoughts and feelings. By allowing children to express themselves we enable them to reduce their stress, fear, and anxiety, and ultimately regain a sense of control over their changing lives.
The emotional support offered through this workbook will provide resilience strategies that will serve children, age five and above, well beyond the current crisis. These activities will support them to cope with the everyday challenges of growing up and develop their full potential while feeling heard and part of a larger community.
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