Training The Trainers

Harambee Arts training programs empower caregivers to feel more secure as they support and nurture the well-being of Africa & Nepal’s next generation of leaders.

The trainings have been carefully honed so that they are accessible to a wide range of professional and semi-professionals and to the vast range of economic, cultural and age differences encountered.

Training Objectives

1. Provide training to caregivers in sub-Saharan Africa & Nepal to facilitate expressive, nonverbal activities for vulnerable, traumatized children, including art, music, dance and movement to provide a non-threatening way for children to tell their stories, ground and organize their thoughts and feelings while communicating their experiences to others.

2. Teach caregivers to observe the children’s nonverbal experience in order to help the children integrate the gains into counseling.

3. Train individuals who are capable of training other caregivers;

4. Create opportunities for vulnerable, traumatized children to reach out to their peers who may be struggling with hardships and loss and encourage them to share their hopes for the future as well as past traumas;

5. Empower children to transform their self-concept as an “HIV positive orphan” to a “productive member of the community.”

These painting were made with paint derived from local materials including plants, flowers, bricks and charcoal. The children used bird feathers as brushes.

Response by Other Organizations

Several large international organizations, including Save the Children U.K. and Mercy Corps International, have also requested trainings for their local staff. Partner organizations are identified by referrals and through networking at international conferences and local academic institutions.

Additionally we have worked with:

AHOPE Orphanage
CONNECT Institute of Family Therapy
Daraja Academy
Ethiopian Books for Children and Educational Foundation
Girl Child Network
Harare International Festival of the Arts
International Child Resource Institute Africa
J.F. Kapnek Trust
Kenyatta Hospital Pediatrics Unit
Mercy Corps International
MUSTLE – Young Inititatives from Older Wisdom
National Gallery of Zimbabwe
Parirenyatwa Hospital Pediatrics Unit
Railway Children UK
Read Global
Society for Down Syndrome Nepal
Streets Ahead
Terre des Hommes (Switzerland)
University of Nairobi Department of Psychology

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